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High profile wedding

Being asked to create a wedding gown is no simple request.  It is a huge honor, and a huge responsibility.   When a highly respected member of the New York CIty...

I was honored beyond words when a very prominent person in the NYC fashion industry asked me to design her wedding gown.  Her marriage to the CEO of a very large European fashion house took place on a private estate on a lake in Italy and had a star studded guest list.

Arriving at her home a day after I had a massive white orchid plant delivered to her with a box of her favorite cookies, I was armed with a sumptuous assortment of silk chiffons, georgettes, satins, and crepes along with beading and appliqué concepts, my sketch book, and a measuring tape

After reviewing all the materials, sketches, trim, the bride felt confident she knew what she wanted;  I did some sketches for her, took her measurements, and hurried back to my NYC studio to get to work.

First, and most important step, was to get started on her bustier right away.  It had to be an exact replica of her shape and proportions and constructed in a way that it held up the strapless gown (comprised of layers upon layers of silk chiffon, double georgette and heavy charmeuse). 

A custom MICHAELKILADA bustier is a solid foundation that is constructed the old fashion couture way to give the wearer unlimited movement, comfort and confidence in her piece without having to constantly readjust/pull it up.

Another quick visit to the client's home to verify the accuracy of the bustier, then the draping of the gown started immediately.   Within 2 weeks, the first toille was ready to try on.  The bride was elated at how beautifully it matched her expectations and how well it fit.

Working in actual fabrics provides an extra layer of accuracy in detailing intricacies of movement, fabric behaviors and overall flow of the garment.  

2 more fittings, and the gown was hemmed, carefully packaged in archival acid free paper, zipped up into a specially made garment bag and hand delivered to the bride to be by white glove service

 Graciously, the bride has allowed us to share some images of her special day.  She was absolutely radiant!

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